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Managing positions in 3 early stage companies
Marketing strategist
Co-founder @Simplanova
Product Manager
Entrepreneur and innovator
Software engineering (MSc) and ERP guru with 9y exp., co-founder @Simplanova
Web and mobile development expert with 6y exp. + BSc in Information Technology
Software Engineer
6y exp. e-commerce and back-office development
Yoox (Fashion industry), Italy
LuisaViaRoma (Fashion industry), Italy
Perfect Channel Ltd (Auction System, one of the clients was, UK
Partnership Building Executive
Storyteller, strategist in fashion and luxury, innovator
Director @Bright Arts Agency
20y exp. in film and advertising
Helping luminaries such as Baz Luhrmann and Tim Burton, brands such as Gucci, Dior and Diesel, and designing & directing for Sony and Red Bull
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